New Orleans

Living and Loving the Exquisite Crescent City

Get That Great New Orleans Vibe

New Orleans is a city of neighborhoods and one of the most famous of all is the French Quarter.

You don’t have to stay in the Quarter to get a great Crescent City experience. But it helps.

New Orleans Area Map​

Jackson Square right at the bend in the Mississippi River is the central most point of the French Quarter.

To the north is Lake Pontchartrain. Look closely and you can see that New Orleans is essentially an island.

New Orleans Area Neighborhoods

Get to know our unique neighborhoods. 

To the north of the city is Lake Pontchartrain, to the south is the Mississippi River In New Orleans we do not tell directions by north, east, south or west. Instead we say the lake side of something, the river side of something, the uptown or downtown side of something. So we might say travelling toward downtown the restaurant is on the the river side of Magazine St.

Best of New Orleans

The French Quarter

This is the heart of the city and the original town founded in 1718. Besides being a central point for tourism is is still a thriving neighborhood.


Faubourg is the French word for neighborhood. The Marigny is just one of the places now popular place to buy homes, fix them up and live. Each neighborhood is unique with its own restaurants and nightlife.

Places to Stay

The Monteleone is considered the crown jewel of New Orleans hotels. Right in the French Quarter where one can be amidst all the action and events yet have a wonderful, quiet and elegant place to retreat.

Dining and Nightlife

Commanders Palace is one of the best restaurants in the world and has won numerous awards. New Orleans is full of excellent places to eat. Also, if you want music and wonderful places for your favorite beverage there are tons of places to go.


Mardi Gras is the premier event in New Orleans. It is a party the city throws for itself where everyone in the world is invited. The city boasts numerous festivals and events, including the world famous Jazz Fest.


With numerous parks, museums, and tours in the city there is always something fun to do. Within an hour's drive of the city are wonderful day trips. Plantations abound with excellent historical tours. Also, for the real adventurous there are swamp tours where you can get up close and personal with alligator and other creatures.