Getting Around New Orleans

Completely New Orleans

Getting around the Crescent City is easy.

Here are some excellent resources for you to make sure you have a fabulous time in New Orleans.

Your Own Personal New Orleans Tour

    Here is great book for planning your trip to New Orleans. This is not intended to be an extensive travel guide. The author has selected some of the best places to give you a real experience of our fair city, the way locals experience it, the places locals like to go.

    It is available in Kindle and paperback. Check out the reviews.

Canal St. and St. Charles Streetcars

   Hopping a streetcar is a fun way to get out and see the sights. Yes you could take a taxi, Lyft or Uber and you’d get to where you want to go faster.

    But it won’t be as colorful or enjoyable. And you’ll be riding history. You can download an app on your smart phone that tracks when the streetcar will be at your stop. The fare is $1.25 and you can pay by cash or smartphone.

    Go to Apple app store or Google Play and download RTA GoMobile to get fares, and real time updates.

Tour Bus Companies

     Touring by bus or van is the perfect way to get an overview that will help you pick places you want to explore more as your visit continues.       Hop-on, hop-off buses, with open-air rooftop seating, run along a loop of many of the city’s most popular sights.

    Tours take visitors to plantations along River Road, to swamps and across bayous as well as around New Orleans neighborhoods and to cemeteries, historical battlefields and other sights.


    Taking your cruise to the Caribbean or Mexico and back you might just find that New Orleans is your favorite port! Plan on extending your vacation by staying in the city after your trip — like getting 2 vacations in one!

    And don’t forget there are wonderful cruises up the Mississippi River to places like St. Louis and Natchez.

Horse and Buggy

    Just imagine that way back when before the automobile this was the only mode of public transportation that existed. Get the experience of stepping back in time and take a leisurely tour of the French Quarter with the driver as your historical guide.

    Mule-drawn carriages still line up on the Decatur side of Jackson Square, offering leisurely city tours, filled with colorful commentary. Carriages can also be hired for groups and special events, a mode of transportation that always makes a memorable impression. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 2.42.49 PM


     If you don’t have very far to go but seems a little too long for a walk why not take a pedicab! These came on the scene in 2011 and now they are a ubiquitous sight in the city.

    Thousands have used this environmentally friendly way of getting around. Many of the drivers are licensed tour guides who can give you their unique perspective on city.

    All pedicab drivers are licensed. They operate primarily along the Canal Street downtown corridor and in the French Quarter and nearby Faubourg Marigny and Garden District neighborhoods.

Walking Tours/Ghost Tours/Foodie Tours

    Want an up-close and personal adventure? 

    Tour the French Quarter, a cemetery or two, neighborhoods and more on foot. 

  The best way to see New Orleans up close and personal is by walking.  Unhurried strolling reveals the magical nuance of art and architecture, lets you soak in the atmosphere of city streets and be a part of the only-in-New Orleans moveable feast.  

    These guided rambles, designed to peel back the city’s storied past, refracting history through an informed commentary, are powerfully supported by the sights and sounds you’ll see along the way. 

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Taxi Cabs/ Uber/Lyft

Being a tourism town New Orleans is full of many means of transportation. We provide a list of different, taxi services to choose from. And also links to download the Lyft app and Uber app for Android and iPhone. 

Bicycle Rentals

    Bicycle? One of the best ways to see the city. Especially fun if you do it with a group of people. We have many bike rental companies in the city.   

    And we provide a list of some of the best ones. We highly recommend wearing a helmet as the folks in the above photo are NOT doing. You can get one at the bike shop or pack one in your suitcase before you come.

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Scooter Rentals

Another excellent and fun way to get around the city. Scooter rentals are becoming more popular. Easy to go from here to there without having to worry too much about parking. We provide links to several companies who’ll rent you the perfect scooter. Don’t forget your helmet!!

Limosine Service

    Travel in style in the perfect limousine. Are you in town for a ladies night out? Or just want a classy way to enjoy a night out on the town with your mate? Maybe a limousine is the way to go. New Orleans has numerous limousine services to choose from.

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Specialty Vehicles

   If you are looking for something completely different, quirky, cool, and fun then a specialty vehicle could be the way to go.