Completely New Orleans

What Makes New Orleans Neighborhoods is What Makes New Orleans Unique

The French Quarter

The oldest part of the city founded in 1718. In just a few short years the layout of the Quarter was created and still adheres to the same layout today. Notice the architecture. Looks European doesn't it. This could be a shot taken from numerous squares in France.
The Quarter is famous for its wonderful world-class hotels, restaurants and bars. Also it's famous for the baudy Bourbon Street and the always classy Royal Street.

Faubourg Marigny and Bywater

Faubourg is the French term for neighborhood. This is only footsteps from the Quarter. It has become very popular in recent years because of the many music clubs, restaurants and bars. There is a lot of great street life and not nearly as raucous as Bourbon Street.

Uptown and Carrollton

This area is serviced by the St. Charles Avenue streetcar line that passes by the Garden District, many beautiful and distinctive homes, excellent hotels and places to eat. You'll also find Tulane and Loyola Universities, the beautiful Audubon Park and Zoo and the Riverbend area and Oak Street with world class restaurants and bars such as the Maple Street Bar and Jacques Imo's Restaurant.

The Garden District

After the United States took over the Louisiana Territory New Orleans experienced an influx of settlers from the Northern clime. But the city was still very French and did not cotton to the invasion of Americans. So this area is where these new New Orleanians built their own neighborhood of grandiose and fabulous homes. Many international celebrities have bought homes here and some have moved here permanently.

Mid City

You are not likely to find a lot of grandiose homes in the Mid City area. This is mainly a place of middle class families, with more modest homes. But make no mistake many are over a century old and much sought after for their unique New Orleans character. You'll find wonderful restaurants and the Fair Grounds where we hold the Jazz and Heritage Festival every year. The very beautiful City Park is in this area with the New Orleans Museum of Art and the extraordinary Botanical Gardens.


Lake Pontchartrain is the northern limit of the New Orleans. Out here are numerous excellent restaurants right on the water. This is a place where many citizens like to go and sit and enjoy a lazy morning or afternoon. Here you'll also find Lakeview, where you see many modern homes, and Bucktown, a popular little area for excellent seafood restaurants.