Are The New Orleans Saints Good?


Well, that is a loaded questions. Certainly they are a lot better than they were when they first started years ago. They had some really great players over the years and coaches as well but things didn’t turn around until Tom Benson the great auto dealership mogul bought them and got better management.


He hired Sean Peyton and then he got that great quarterback Drew Brees who stayed with the Saints for 15 years until his retirement in 2021.


The Saints won the Super Bowl in 2009, their only win so far and they were able to get to the playoffs numerous times. And they were sure to go to the Super Bowl in 2019 if it had not been for a terrible call by a the refs when they were playing the Rams. One of the Rams slammed into the receiver in what was apparent to everyone as a foul, yet it was not called. Sean Peyton challenged it but the ruling was allowed to stand. Everyone saw it across the country. The Saints would have won the game and would have gone to the Super Bowl. The thinking was that it was better to have the Rams go to the Super Bowl rather than the Saints because the viewing market would have been bigger.


The Saints have had their unfortunate suspensions over the years and it seems that the NFL management has it out for the New Orleans team. Sean Payton has now retired and only time will tell if the Saints can retain their glory as being one of the best teams in the NFL.