What New Orleans District Am I In

St Charles streetcar

New Orleans is separated into many districts which reflect the uniqueness of its neighborhoods. We have downtown which includes the CBD (central business district) and the French Quarter the oldest part of the city.


Then we have the Garden District which is where the Americans settled after New Orleans became part of the United States. Because the French speaking citizens wanted to have nothing to do with these “invaders” they moved across Canal Street to grow their own community with magnificent homes and gardens.


The Irish Channel is an area close to the Garden District and the river where many of the influx of Irish settled. The Uptown area includes the universities of Tulane and Loyola which are directly in front of Audubon Park. The park also includes the world class Audubon Zoo.


Then we have the Riverbend area where St. Charles and Carrollton Avenues meet at the bend in the river. This includes the Maple Street and Oak Street areas known for its bars, music spots and excellent resturant. Carrollton used to be a separate town from New Orleans.


Then we have Mid City with more middle-class homes, and the wondrous City Park with it’s wonderful botanical gardens and Museum of Art and Sculpture Garden. Close by we have the Pontchartrain lakefront that boasts many excellent restaurants and more modern homes.


The famous Treme was one of the first free black neighborhoods in the country which also has some great eating establishments. Then you have the Lower Ninth Ward which experienced tremendous destruction from Hurricane Katrina, and New Orleans East, another area that had terrible flooding from that hurricane. Both of these areas have struggled to return to their pre-Katrina days.


Of course, any of these areas can be separated into smaller districts as well. If you look on the front page of this site you can get an idea of the different major districts of the city of New Orleans.