What is New Orleans Known For

New Orleans, LA/USA  Jan 12, 2019: Marching band and many  people playing music and dancing at French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is known around the world for so many things that it would be difficult to list them all in this short space. So I will try right now to do this.


New Orleans is known for it’s wonderful, unique cuisine, mainly Creole food.
New Orleans is know for it architecture.
It is know for the Jazz and Heritage Festival.

One of the top things New Orleans is known for is Mardi Gras which has been called the greatest free show on earth.
The city is known for its culture and customs which are many. It’s known for its many churches.


It’s known for its beautiful neighborhoods many of which date to the 19th century. Of course, one of the major neighborhoods it’s known for is the French Quarter which was laid out in the earlier 1700s.


It’s known for Jackson Square which also has the St. Louis Cathedral.

The fact that it is on the Mississippi River and that it is one of the largest and most important ports in the world.


And of course who could forget that is is also known for its music, for here is where Jazz was born and spread all over the world and influenced every musical style. It’s also know for the Blues and although many say Blues was developed in Mississippi Delta area, the original music that would come to be called the blues actually started in New Orleans. And some hold to the belief that Rock and Roll was started here as well.


It’s know for its world famous musicians, especially Louis Armstrong the great jazz trumpeter and innovator of the early jazz scene, and Fats Domino considered one of the founders of Rock and Roll.


I could go on but these are the major things that New Orleans is known for. Oh and I just remembered that our beautiful and fascinating cemeteries are also one of the things New Orleans is known for.