Are There Any Differences Between Cajun and Creole Cooking?


Although both ways of cooking are heavily influenced by French cuisine they differ in the ways dishes are cooked and the base ingredients with which they are made. Remember too that Cajun cooking is country cooking and Creole is really something that originated in New Orleans and has different influences. The way gumbos are made are different and many times the recipes cross over so you really can’t tell where Cajun cooking begins and Creole style ends.

As shared on The Spruce East site:
The cultural difference between the two methods of cooking lies in the fact that Creoles had access to local markets, and servants to cook their food while Cajuns lived mostly off the land, were subject to the elements of the seasons, and generally cooked meals in one large pot.

Seasonings, ingredients and cooking style marks how theses delicious ways of Louisiana cooking differ.

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