Audubon Park and Zoo

audbon park

Both Audubon Park and City Park were designed by the Olmstead family who also designed Central Park in New York City. Audubon Park is easily accessible by St. Charles Avenue streetcar.


It boasts a wonderful, state-of-the-art zoo and a competitive 18-hole par 62 course. The 1.8 mile track is perfect for walking, biking, running and just enjoying the wonderful, old live oak canopy.


Even on hot days there always seems to be a cooling breeze.


The land upon which it sits was a plantation owned by the first mayor of New Orleans and grew sugar cane. The World Cotton Exhibition was held here in 1884 exactly 100 years prior to the New Orleans World’s Fair held along the downtown riverfront in 1984. Many of the remnants of the 1884 fair still exist today.


Directly across from Loyola and Tulane Universities the park sits on 350 acres. Although relatively small as compared to City Park in Mid City, Audubon is a beautiful and scenic get-away spot in the historic uptown area. The beautiful Audubon Zoo lies close to the river and considered to be in the top 10 zoos in the United States.


The golf course sits in the center of the park and the 1.8 mile track that rings it. Visitors, locals and students all come here to revel in the beauty coolness and protection of the  old moss covered live oaks that canopy the track. The lagoon holds ducks, geese, swans and migrating birds and large turtles.


Toward the back of the park along the track is the gold clubhouse with a wonderful wrap-around porch and a restaurant that serves food and drinks.