Taxi Cabs/ Uber/Lyft

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Being a tourism town New Orleans is full of many means of transportation. We provide a list of different, taxi services to choose from. And also links to download the Lyft app and Uber app for Android and iPhone.


With the advent of ride sharing programs like Uber and Lyft the traditional taxi cabs have experienced competition in a way that they’ve never had to deal with before. There are pros and cons of each type of service. Some people feel more comfortable using a taxi and others like the convenience of having a Uber or Lyft show up almost immediately.


The challenge with using a taxi is that there are not as many as there should be to be able to immediately pick someone up and drive to a destination. In cities like New York taxis are ubiquitous, so it’s easy to grab one and go. I lived in Seville, Spain where you didn’t need a car. Public transportation was great and there were taxis everywhere and they were very inexpensive. You needed a cab, all you had to do was stand on the curb and boom there was your taxi.


The advantage of a taxi is that you can schedule a pickup, and also since the drivers do this day in and day out they know the city a lot better than a ride-sharing driver. That might be a moot point with the GPS that we all have on our smart phones, but sometimes those digital directions can be off.


With a taxi fares are usually measured by distance covered and not time of day. Ride sharing have prices that vary depending on time of day. Also, taxi cab drivers are licensed by the city as such. Ride sharing drivers are not. We are not in any way advocating one over the other.


Here are some taxi services:

Alliance: (504) 872-0221
American Taxi: (504) 299-0386
Checker Cab: (504) 207-7777
Coleman Cab: (504) 586-0222
Elk’s Elite: (504) 822-3800
Liberty Bell: (504) 821-8222
Patio Cab: (504) 891-6484
United Cab: (504) 522-9771
Veterans Cab: (504) 367-6767
White Fleet: (504) 822-3800
Yellow Cab: (504) 207-7777


For ride sharing you can download the apps for Uber and Lyft on your smart phone. You can also use their services on their websites: