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Want an up-close and personal adventure to see New Orleans at its best? How about touring the French Quarter, the Garden District, a cemetery, and some neighborhoods on foot.


The perfect way to see the real New Orleans is taking a leisurely stroll with an experienced and knowledgeable tour guide.  This type of easy-going touring allows all the magic and nuance of the city to reveal itself.


Watch this interesting walking tour. Our staff even learned stuff they didn’t know.


This is something you can’t get on a bus tour. Bus tours are great to give you a general overview of the city. But with a walking tour you can really dig into the uniqueness and beauty and yes, sometimes the absolute strangeness of the Crescent City. A walking tour can allow you see the details of the architecture, the customs and traditions that make this city one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities on the planet. You can soak in the atmosphere of the neighborhoods and streets and be part of what some call the “only-in-New Orleans moveable feast.”


Ghost Tours

And then there are the ever popular ghost tours that peel back the city’s storied and spooky past. There is so much history, so many old homes and hotels, and so many varied people who have come to the city and made their homes here, and so many unusual occurences that, of course, New Orleans seems to be the breeding ground for continual hauntings. Some of these are just local lore and others just can’t be denied because so many have had strange experiences with ghostly happenings.


For example, the Bourbon Orleans hotel as well as the Monteleone are known as a hotspots for other-worldly encounters. Perhaps it is the humidity, or the closeness of the Mississippi River. Or maybe it’s the fact that local Native Americans considered the site of the city as sacred ground that would make the city, especially the French Quarter ripe for these kinds of mysterious occurrences.


Foodie Tours

If want something a little more than just a walking tour you can also do a foodie tour. These tours take you to different bars and restaurants to sample delicious food and wonderful drinks. Not only can you indulge in the site and sounds of the city, you can also delight your taste buds with the foods that make living in the Crescent City unique.


Certain restaurants and bars open their doors and kitchens to allow you to sample their unique take on Creole and southern Louisiana cuisine. And you’ll also get a chance to imbibe in our bar culture and fascinating takes on traditional drinks. And if you are not a drinker, don’t worry they can make non-alcoholic versions for you. These foodie tours have become very popular in many cities all over the country and New Orleans seem to have some of the best of these tours of all. Destination Kitchen has won numerous awards for their excellent tours.


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