Bicycle Rentals

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Taking a bicycle is one of the best ways to see New Orleans. Especially fun if you do it with a group of people. We have many bike rental companies in the city.


And we provide a list of some of the best ones. We highly recommend wearing a helmet as the folks in the above photo are NOT doing. You can get one at the bike shop or pack one in your suitcase before you come if you know you are going to rent a bike.


Although taking a walking tour is a great way to get up close and personal in the city of New Orleans, renting a bike is the next best thing. And since all of the city is flat you don’t have to worry about going uphill anywhere.


Besides leisurely biking through the French Quarter you can also cruise under the oaks in Audubon Park. Or you can travel along the levee starting in the back of the park all along the Mississippi River.



Then there is taking a two-wheeled stroll through City Park, and guess what, you don’t need to travel on any streets to get there if you are going from the Quarter. The Lafitte Greenway, which used to be railroad tracks, will take you almost all the way out there, and you can stop at a cafe or restaurant along the way.


And if you are into wonderful architecture, scrumptious local food, awesome neighborhoods or deep history, I mean, that’s why you came here in the first place, yes?, you can take a themed bicycle tour!


And please in the city of New Orleans, don’t ride fast! There is no need to. Just stay safe, take your time, take in the scenery and have fun.


Here is a list of places you can rent bikes. Check each one of these out individually before you decide since they all offer unique experiences for an individual, couple or a group of friends: