Limousine Services



Travel in style in New Orleans in the perfect limousine for a great, elegant way to get around the city, or to go to and from and event. Are you in town for a ladies night out? Or just want a classy way to enjoy a night out on the town with your mate? Maybe a limousine is the way to go. New Orleans has numerous limousine services to choose from.


What a classy way to get around the city of New Orleans. You know New Orleans has always been known for elegance and first-world kind of living. So why not take advantage of that and get yourself a limo to get around the city? What’s wrong with arriving in style? Pretty cool, I’d say.



I remember I had a friend of mine from the north shore who used to hire a limo to take him and his wife to a place in the quarter where he could go drink, eat and enjoy himself without having to worry about going driving back 24 miles over the Causeway to get home after a night on the town. He would come pick me up in the limo and I thought, well, wow! what a classy way to go.


Yes, you could take an Uber or a Lyft to go from here to there but what about having a limo where the driver waits for you when you are ready to go somewhere else? This kind of thing is perfect for parties. You got a group of friends in town you want to do a night on the town without having to worry about a designated driver. Y’all can just pool your money and get yourself a nice limo.


And of course, if you are planning a wedding you don’t expect the bride and groom to leave the ceremony and take and Uber to the reception. No, that is not kosher. You need a nice white limo, or a black one if that is your preference. And you are all set.


New Orleans has a whole slew of limo services, some with the classic stretch limo, and then there is the party limo which uses a souped up Humvee to get you to and from that destination of yours. Pretty awesome I’d say.


Go for a great night out on the town while being chauffeured around is the ultimate classy New Orleans experience. You can see just by the number of limo services we have here that it’s a very popular way to go!