How New Orleans Recovered from Hurricane Katrina

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Hurricane Katrina dealt a pretty savage blow on the city. The winds were very strong and caused a lot of destruction with huge trees blown down, roofs torn off, and even some unstable building collapsing. In the central business district many windows were blown out and took months for those to be replaced.


Because the storm was so huge stretching from it seemed Texas to Alabama many in the people chose to evacuate. Before then people did not leave the city for a hurricane. They chose to stay and help with the cleanup. But it was advised by the city government that people leave. This was all very strange that they would ask us to do that.


We left and went to Baton Rouge. And we left the day before the evacuation was mandatory so thankfully we missed all the terrible traffic. The main destruction was cause by flooding from the poor design and imcompetence of the federal government specificllay the US Army Corps of Engineers. The so massive destruction that the city experienced was caused by the federal government.


The city is still recovering from the storm in many ways as there are many projects that have still not been funded worked on since the the terrible day August 29, 2005.