The Garden District

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After the United States took over the Louisiana Territory New Orleans experienced an influx of settlers from the Northern. But the city was still very French and did not cotton to the invasion of these new Americans.


So this area is where these new New Orleanians built their own neighborhood of grandiose and fabulous homes. Many international celebrities have bought homes here and some have moved here permanently.


When the Americans started to move into the city after its acquisition by the US the French of the city were horrified to have these crude opportunists infiltrate and disrupt their way of life. And they were shunned.


In response they started their own neighborhood on the opposite side of Canal St. in what is now called the Garden District. This is an area that many wealthy elites from started building palatial homes on beautiful pieces of property. Many of these owners made money in cotton and sugar commodities that passed through the port of New Orleans.


Today it is a unique tourist attraction, accessible not only by car or streetcar but also by walking tours. One of the most famous properties is the beautiful home with the corncob iron fence that extends the length of the property.


Many celebrities have homes in this area. You’ll also find Commander’s Palace an internationally recognize gem run by the Brennan family of New Orleans restaurant fame. Across from the restaurant is the Cemetery where you can stroll amidst the fascinating above ground tombs of many of the prominent families of the area.


Tours of the Garden District are offered daily: