The Lakefront



Lake Pontchartrain is the northern limit of the New Orleans. Out here are numerous excellent restaurants right on the water. This is a place where many citizens like to go and sit and enjoy a lazy morning or afternoon. Here you’ll also find Lakeview, where you see many modern homes, and Bucktown, a popular little area for excellent seafood restaurants.


The lakefront area is one of the newer areas of the city. Much of it was originally swamp that was filled in in the early part of the 20th century. Before then there was a streetcar that passed on elevated track with water on either side. The area was home to several wonderful hotels and dancing parlors where people would go to hear the early sounds of jazz.


Eventually hurricanes, surging waters and fires took it’s toll on the area and its watery “highways” were filled in to make room for new modern housing and neighborhoods. A levee was built to protect these new homes from rising lake water which created little space for any more hotels or resorts.


The lake is still enjoyed for its fishing, sailing, boating and swimming. New restaurants have cropped up in the past few decades after the total destruction of some old and popular restaurants completely wiped away by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.


The northern end of City Park extends almost all the way to the lake. Harrison Avenue has some excellent restaurants. Also, right there by the lake is the popular Landry’s Restaurant with its wonderful balcony and its view of the old and venerable lighthouse across from the Southern Yacht Club, the second oldest such club in the US founded in 1849. Close by is Felix’s with its excellent oysters and seafood fare.


Drive along the lake from there and you’ll come to the New Orleans Lakefront Airport built in 1934 that was to be “the Air Hub of the Americas”. Because of its Art Deco style it’s considered to be an architectural masterpiece. It also houses the excellent and award-winning Messina’s Runway Cafe. The airport is now used for private aircraft, flight tours and and training.