The Pelicans Basketball Team: Are they Good?



Well, that depends on who you talk to. There were doing terribly at the start of the 2022 season, then with a change in coach and some players they were able to pull out some great wins and were in the running for the playoffs.


Zion Williamson was out for the entire season with an injury to his foot and he stayed most of his time in California recuperating. He is considered a star player. But even without him the Pelicans started to have a winning streak.


Some newer players have stepped up to the plate and have actually become quite good. A good coach, good players, and great management, of course, makes all the difference.


The Pelicans team is owned by Gayle Benson who also owns the Saints football team as well as the Faubourg Brewery, formerly the 100 year old Dixie beer brand.


We hope that the new season will see even better coaching and Zion back in play. Yes, the Pelicans are now a good team with good players.