The Roosevelt Hotel

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Recognized worldwide for its grandeur and luxury, The Roosevelt New Orleans has a proud history of delivering impeccable service tailored to each and every guest. Over 125 years after the hotel’s opening the legacy that lives on today.


The hotel is across Canal Street from the French Quarter and is only a hop, skip and a jump away from all the FQ action.


Few hotels can say their history is rooted in legends. Even fewer who have had 80 miles of highway built, just so the governor could get his favorite drink, the Sazerac. The legend of Governor Huey P. Long and the Airline Highway is just one of so many that define our brilliant foundation in the early 1900s.


CNN says: “There may be newer and trendier hotels in New Orleans, but none can touch the beauty of The Roosevelt. The iconic property, opened in 1893, is reminiscent of a bygone era with its tiered crystal chandeliers, gold-gilded pillars and original floor mosaics — discovered during renovations after Hurricane Katrina. Its 504 rooms are similarly aristocratic, with dark wood furnishings and rich fabrics.”


The intimate Blue Room, renowned for its world-class entertainment,  and The Sazerac Bar, where you can get one of the best if not THE best Sazeracs in the city are a couple of the reasons The Roosevelt is so special, not only to visitors but New Orleanians as well. Famous, infamous and anonymous alike all flocked to this grand old-world hotel.


Here you can treat yourself to an indulgent spa day or a beautifying salon treatment. Also, you can let yourself be kissed by the sun at the exclusive rooftop pool, that offer wonderful. unique views of New Orleans.


A walk in the lobby at Christmastime is a favorite with many locals.
The Roosevelt New Orleans | A Waldorf Astoria Hotel


Check out the numerous awards the hotel has received.
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