Can New Orleans be saved?


Yes, New Orleans is always being saved. New Orleans has always struggled against the elements and has always come through over its more than 300 year history. It’s survived fires, hurricanes, floods and yellow fever epidemics. As well as terribly poor management by city government. Hurricane Katrina dealt a heavy infrastructure and financial blow to the city. And it is still recovering in some areas.


Also you have to look at saved from what? Poor government, incompetence by city officials, crime, flooding, mismanagement by the Sewerage and Water Board, a poorly run city hall and police department? Like any big city New Orleans has its problems and some would think that we have troubles more than other big cities.


One challenge is that the city has been run by democrats for decades, and these people most of them have never had experience working in the private sector. So they don’t understand anything about the best business practices or really how to run anything. The city will never get better until we get rid of people who continually feed at the public trough and elect people who are experienced in the work forced and experienced in successfully running a business.