Can New Orleans Be Saved From Sinking?

First of all New Orleans is not sinking. I don’t know where anyone would get this idea. over 50% of the city is at or above sea level. What Hurricane Katrina did was expose the areas that were originally swamp that was filled in without building it up first. And this causes the neighborhoods in this area to flood more readily than other areas.


So no New Orleans is not sinking. Then there are those that want to blame this stuff on climate change which is a misnomer. This moniker has been used to replace the term global warming, and the reason it’s been changed is because well it seems that things aren’t really heating up the way the pseudo scientists would like you to believe. So they switched it to climate change.


We are and have been for a long while losing coastline, but that is not due to climate change. There are several factors attributing to this erosion. The way the land was built in Louisiana along the Mississippi has to do with all the silt and soil that comes down the river and through annual flooding would deposit this over vast areas. 5000 years ago New Orleans was nothing but the gulf, there was not land here.


And now with the levees built up the river cannot make these deposits like it used to. There are some who are trying to fix this my making controlled breaches through the levee to allow the river to deposit soil. Then there are the oil companies who opened vast swaths of canals through the marsh to get to oil wells and which allowed salt water to come in and destroy the march turning it into open water.


Then there is the invasive species the nutria, big hug rat like animals that eat the march grass, pulling them up by the roots which does not allow the grass to regenerate. Thousands of acres have been destroyed in this way.