Can New Orleans Saints Make the Playoffs



The New Orleans Saints have made the playoffs many times over the course of their history. But their success has always been spotty. In recent years when they played the Rams and that famous no call when it was obvious that a call should have been made, kept the Saints from going to the Super Bowl again.


They have only been to the Super Bowl once and they won the game with the excellent coaching by Sean Payton and play by Drew Brees. The combination of those two completely transformed the Saints into a powerhouse team after so many years of struggle. Years ago the Saints were so bad and lost so many games that local started calling them the A’ints and some fans came to games with bags on their heads.


But the thing about New Orleans fans and what many players have said over the years, is that they are the best in the world. They will support the team no matter what. And the deafening noise in the Super Dome is perhaps the loudest in the world.