Can New Orleans Survive Another Hurricane?


New Orleans can absolutely survive another hurricane. We are a city that is over 300 years old and the challenges that they had in the beginning of the city were a lot more than we have today.


Back then there were no levees or at least there were no manmade levees. There were only the levees that the Mississippi River naturally built but they were not enough to protect from all flooding. There were hurricanes and there were always hurricanes. Knowing this the city went about setting up its defenses agasinst Mother Nature.


The reason why we had such a horrible result from Hurricane Katrina, undoubtedly the worst the we experienced was because of man made incompetence.


The flooding that we had after that storm, and it’s important to note that word ‘after’ because after the hurricane had passed there were blue skies and many people who stayed in the city when they looked outside in the streets they saw a lot of blown down trees and debris and felt that the city had once again braved the storm and there would just be a clean up and that would be it.


But then people began to notice that water was flowing into the streets and many now found themselves stranded in one way of the other as the water got higher and higher. And then some had to swim to safety. Why did this happen? Because of the weak defenses built by the US Army Corps of Engineers that failed.


That and only that was the reason that New Orleans suffered so from that hurricane. It was a manmade disaster not a natural one.