French Quarter Creole Tomato Festival

creole tomato fest


Where else would you find a festival celebrating the simple creole tomato but New Orleans? This city is the country’s festival central so why not have a festival for tomatoes! And let me tell you New Orleans knows how to do festivals. This festival touts wonderful local food, excellent music, great libations, and fantastic dancing all here by the French Quarter in the historic French Market.


What is a creole tomato? It’s any tomato grown in the alluvial soil of Louisiana. In fact, there are many definitions of the word creole. And one of them is anything and that means anything that is born, raised and grown in Louisiana is considered creole.


Although the meaning has been altered to today where it means someone has mixed heritage of African with French, Spanish or white, the original meaning had to do with anyone from any of those countries born here were called creole. Look in the dictionary for creole and you’ll see a long list of definitions. So because I was born in New Orleans, which is in Louisiana, I can consider myself creole. Yes, some would argue with me about that (even some family members), we are creole by the old definition.


So what they got at this festival are many food booths all touting the wonderful magic of this common vegetable, which is not really a veggie at all but a fruit. (Did you know that tomatoes were once considered poisonous? Why? Because they are related to the bella donna plant which is highly toxic. And way back when they were just grown as a decorative plant. Go figure.)



In our unique creole cuisine tomatoes are the star! Creole this, creole that, many dishes usually have tomatoes as the base. Here at the fest you can try  tomato crepes, tomato gelato, tomato crawfish pie, the very popular New Orleans favorite fried green tomatoes with shrimp and remoulade (my fave), as well as a slew of other yummy and creative fare.


You got your cooking demonstrations, I mean how many ways are there to cook a tomato! Lots. Vendors compete for most creative, most traditional, tastiest and healthiest dishes while judges roam the fest look for the best.


And of course what would a New Orleans festival be without the music! Several stages present excellent local talent from funk, and rock and roll to Dixieland jazz.


This is a fun and whimsical festival with awesome food, libations (did I mention unique and yummy Bloody Mary’s?) and lots of, well, TOMATOES!



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