Historic Plantations

Destrahan Plantation


Are you ready to dive deep into Louisiana history? There are a huge number of beautiful houses, luscious gardens, and historic artifacts that also represent some of the darker chapters of Louisiana’s history—such as chattel slavery.


Today, these homes are available for tours, exploration and special events. Some have restaurants and can accommodate overnight stays. This mix of history and remembrance make visits to southern Louisiana’s unique plantation homes a fascinating way to spend an afternoon.


Many of the best plantations are within 30- 90 minutes away from New Orleans so scheduling a side trip out of the city is well worth your time. You can rent a car or take one of the bus tours to visit several of these magnificent places in one day.


Many plantation owners had homes in New Orleans and would divide their time between the city and the country, much of the time traveling by boat along the Mississippi River. It was the perfect way to get away from the heat of the city during the summer which harbored the mosquitoes that transmitted disease. (It was not until early 20th century that they discovered it was mosquitoes that carried malaria and yellow fever.)


Qak Alley

The Old South comes alive at Oak Alley Plantation. Upon entering scenic Oak Alley Plantation, visitors can see why the historic mansion has been the backdrop to major TV shows and blockbuster films. Perhaps one of the most iconic landscapes in America, the Oak Alley Plantation features 28 towering oak trees that greet guests in the most grandiose of ways!


Houmas House

38 acres of lush garden make Houmas House Plantation a favorite for wedding celebrations and special events! Plants are re-planted as seasons change, maintaining vibrant grounds that will leave visitors in awe. This is a creole style house much different from the typically larger more grandiose homes. This is considered to be THE best historical tour in the US.


San Francisco

San Francisco Plantation will amaze you with it’s opulent gingerbread work and hand-painted ceilings. See ornate and historic on-site architecture, buildings, and decor featuring an extravagant fountain fish-tank. In fact, the plantation is so stunning it inspired famous author Frances Parkinson Keyes to pen her Mississippi River novel “Steamboat Gothic.”


St. Joseph
Birthplace to the famous 19th century architect H. H. Richardson, St. Joseph Plantation is 2,500 acres of historical magic and natural beauty. The grounds include original slave cabins, a detached kitchen, artisan shops, and even a schoolhouse!



Only 30 mins from New Orleans. The grounds are stacked with historic buildings and moss-covered oaks playing up the antiquated atmosphere of the estate. The infamous landmark has seen its share of legendary guests including the pirate Jean Lafitte, and more recently Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise during the filming of “Interview With a Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles.”


Located on the historic River Road, Destrehan Plantation dates back to 1787. The Destrehan’s sugar plantation was hugely successful and one of the contributing factors to Louisiana Statehood. In fact, the property is home to Orleans Territory Council documents signed by then President Thomas Jefferson and Secretary of State James Madison!


Whitney is one of the best plantations in New Orleans for history with it’s in-depth looks at slavery on Louisiana sugar plantations. Both eye-opening and emotional, this River Road plantation features multiple museum exhibits, memorial artwork, and narratives written by the slaves themselves.


If you are searching for a plantation tour highlighting the days of slavery, Whitney may just be your #1 choice. Whitney Plantation is the first U.S. museum dedicated to the history of slavery.