New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

jazz fest2


The Jazz Fest, as it’s known in these parts, started in the 1970s and is over a half century old. There is not only Jazz music but many and diverse national and international acts.


With dozens of food booths that showcase New Orleans and south Louisiana, this is the place to be for those two extraordinary weekends in the Spring. Music, food, arts, dancing, celebration. There is no other festival like it on the face of the earth.


In the early days of the fest some of the most famous jazz musicians performed: people like Count Basie, Eubie Blake, Duke Ellington and some of the other early pioneers of jazz. Although originally designed to showcase jazz and its famous artists it quickly grew into a heritage festival as well celebrating the unique culture and history of south Louisiana.


Originally staged in the French Quarter it eventually became too big to hold it there and it moved to the Fairgrounds in Mid City and has been there ever since. Currently there are ten stages each with different styles of music. There is a main stage with usually famous national acts and then smaller stages for jazz, blues, cajun, gospel and local acts.


It is also well-known for its many food booths that feature delicious local, cajun and regional fare and some items that you can only get at the fest.


Jazz Fest is at the same time every year: the last weekend of April and the first weekend of May. It is usually Friday through Sunday from 11:00 to 7:00 and the second weekend Thursday through Sunday.


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