French Quarter Festival

FQ fest


Started in 1984 The French Quarter fest had humble beginnings and now it’s grown to a festival powerhouse with great music and delicious New Orleans food. The difference between the Jazz fest and the FQ fest is that all the music is from local musicians. And… it’s completely free.


And of course as with most festivals in New Orleans they start off humbly and then get bigger and bigger each year. And although the Jazz Fest started in the French Quarter and grew beyond its boundaries to where they had to move it to the Fairgrounds, the French Quarter Fest because of it’s name will most likely remaining this area.


This festival was designed as a way to bring back locals to the Quarter after the the World’s Fair, which although was not an economic success was an amazing celebration of all things New Orleans. To make this festival happen they use more than 1500 volunteers from the community.


Over 1700 musicians perform at the fest. There are more than 20 stages scattered throughout the Quarter which showcases all varieties of local and traditional music, from jazz to R&B, brass bands, funk, gospel, Zydeco, cabaret, classical, folk and Americana.


Over 60 of the great NOLA restaurants man the many food booths throughout the area which stretches from the Old US Mint, along the French Market, through the Quarter and all the way to Wondenberg Park right there on the Mississippi River.


The fest has been voted year after year by locals as the “most favorite festival” and the “most favorite food festival” in the city.