Preservation Hall


Just a few steps off Bourbon Street this place started in an art gallery in the early 1960’s and quickly became an institution featuring mature jazz musicians who had been around since the early days of the art form. Many had known and performed with Louis Armstrong and were there at the very birth of Jazz.


See the children in the photo? That’s to let you know that all ages are welcome here. Nothing is served here, no booze, no food, just awesome Dixieland Jazz in its original style.


This is one of the most popular must-see venues in the city.


The Preservation Hall venue presents intimate, acoustic New Orleans Jazz concerts over 350 nights a year featuring ensembles from a current collective of 50+ local master practitioners. On any given night, audiences bear joyful witness to the evolution of this venerable and living tradition.


There are very few chairs in the place and the room itself it small. You might find yourself standing in the back. Each set is about 40 minutes and when it is over you can stay for an additional set and move toward the front and sit on cushions if you wish


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