Frenchman Street

blue nile

Most folks coming to the city have never heard of Frenchman Street. But if you want to get a taste of what Bourbon Street used to be like before all the strip joints and souvenir shops, then this is where you want to be.


In the neighborhood right next to the Quarter, it has wonderful music joints, great restaurants and and active street scene where you can hear live music served up by lively brass bands.


It’s a four-block stretch of live music, bars, restaurants, night clubs and art galleries. You’ll not only find smaller crowds but you’ll also encounter less expensive eats and drinks, and better music – it’s kind of like Bourbon Street’s hipper, trendier cousin.


It’s fun to just walk up and down the street to get an experience of what New Orleans is all about – a mix of cultures, people, music and entertainment.


One of the most popular places here is Snug Harbor, combination restaurant and Jazz club. Also check out Blue Nile, The Spotted Cat, Three Muses, and d.b.a. And if you are interested in just sitting down and relaxing check out the hooka bar for sharing a smoke with friends.


And guess what, you can even make it a family night out because a few of the clubs allow children.


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