The Columns

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The Columns is not just an ordinary hotel. Built in 1883 as a private residence, it was converted into a boarding house during World War I. In 1953, a local family turned it into a hotel and the bar on the porch became very popular.


Listed on the National Park Service’s National Register of Historic Places, The Columns has been part of New Orleans long enough that it’s become a landmark in its own right.  Overlooking St. Charles Avenue, with its stately magnolia trees and streetcar line, the old-world style hotel is an easy walk from other historic mansions in the district.


It’s been recently carefully restored and they’ve added a completely new garden, rooftop sundeck and a new cocktail bar. The spirit and history of the architecture are the focus of grand rooms that are perfect for intimate gatherings or larger events. These new spaces, both inside and outside, were carefully created with hospitality and privacy in mind.


The Columns bar is a popular and beloved meeting place that belongs to the entire city. The bar has been expanded so has more room but is also more intimate. They’ve restored the original mahogany details and recruited a talented team of James Beard award-nominees to reinvigorate the cocktail program. That’s a good thing. Now you can also drink in the privacy of the garden, on the second-floor porch or in any other public spaces. Wherever you go in the Columns your drink can follow—and that’s a really good thing.


Part of movie history, the famed French director Louis Malle shot the 1978 movie Pretty Baby which was Brook Shields first ever film. The producers completely refurbished the place for the shoot and brought the Columns back to life.


Since then the hotel has become one of the more popular uptown places to meet friends and family and and excellent get-away place for visitors right there on St. Charles Ave. In fact, sitting on the porch and watching the streetcars go by you feel as if you are some European town relaxing and enjoying the view as a streetcar moseys by.


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