Uptown and Carrollton



This area is serviced by the St. Charles Avenue streetcar line that passes by the Garden District, many beautiful and distinctive homes, excellent hotels and places to eat.


You’ll also find Tulane and Loyola Universities, the beautiful Audubon Park and Zoo and the Riverbend area and Oak Street with world class restaurants and bars.


Because it is not downtown uptown could technically include the Garden District. This is the area where most of the Americans new to the city in the early part of the 19th century moved and created palatial homes amidst beautiful gardens. But usually when someone states what part of town they live in they would not say Uptown if they lived in the Garden District.


One of the best ways to get a glimpse of Uptown is to hop a St. Charles Avenue streetcar. Along the way you’ll see palatial homes built mostly by cotton and sugar cane money in the 19th century.


You’ll see several excellent hotels that also have wonderful bars, and some with porches. The Pontchartrain Hotel, The Columns Hotel, The Chloe, Parkview Guest House by Audubon Park are all not only wonderful places to stay but also cater to visitors who just want to have a bite or imbibe a drink or two.


You’ll also find many churches, synagogues, the 100 year old Sacred Heart School for girls. Magazine Street which extends from the Garden District through Uptown and the Audubon Park is a popular place for many wonderful shops and excellent restaurants and cafes.


Huge oak trees and palms line the avenue and give the area a lush, relaxing atmosphere. During the Mardi Gras or Carnival season almost all the parades pass down St. Charles avenue through Uptown and the Garden District to downtown. It is the Uptown area where most New Orleanians hang out with their families and friends during the two week daily parades that lead up to the final day of Mardi Gras.


Where the Mississippi River bends St. Charles turns into Carrollton Avenue. In the South Carrollton area close to the river, which used to be a separate town and was a resort and get away place for locals, you’ll find the Maple Street area with wonderful restaurants like Brigsten’s and Jamila’s and quaint shops, and Oak Street with excellent restaurants like Jacques Imo’s restaurant, the famous the Maple Leaf Bar, art galleries, shops and many beautiful homes.


The streetcar ends at Claiborne Ave. but Carrollton extends into North Carrollton Ave. and Mid City where you’ll find many fine restaurants like Mandina’s and the famous Brocato’s where you can get delightful Italian desserts and gelatos.