Satchmo Summer Fest

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Many of the best festivals in New Orleans happen in the summertime. Yes, we know… it’s hot. But we’re used to it and we love celebrations, good food, good music and good friends. Here we celebrate the great New Orleans trumpeter Louis Armstrong who became one of the greatest world-wide ambassadors of New Orleans, our music and customs.


This festival is the only one in the world that celebrates the life and music of Louis Armstrong. This two-day festival has 2 stages and a lineup of some excellent local culinary fare. There are also indoor lectures designed to educate people on Armstrong’s fascinating history lasting impact on music and culture.


The annual fest is scheduled to coincide with Armstrong’s birthday — August 4th. Although he claimed it was July 4th, 1900 his real date of birth was not discovered till the 1980s. The name Satchmo is from Satchelmouth, a nickname given to him by earl jazz pioneers. He is recognized as one of the early founders of jazz.


The Old US Mint is the site of the celebration in the French Quarter and tickets include entrance to the music stages, food booths and the Jazz History Museum.


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